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Why The Hunting Corporation (THC)

The Hunting Corporation logo

Over the years both the founders encountered the one question no-one or no group has ever answered or solved in a dedicated informal way to make the questioner feel welcome and not overwhelmed by info overload and pressure - HOW DO I START HUNTING? The individual with just one hunting rifle, where does he belong or the potential hunter without a hunting rifle? We also identified and realized that there were parts of society previously excluded from hunting due to lack of exposure, tradition or resources. Correcting these realities will be our main focus.

We realised that, first, we have to answer the questions and then the process to satisfy the hunter in each of us. At The Hunting Corporation (THC) we will answer your “how’s, where’s, how much’s” and the “do’s & don’ts”. THC will sooth the burning passion for HUNTING.

The Hunting Corporation membership is like your gym membership or your Spotify subscription. We offer services to the hunter and hunter-to-be on a subscription basis where a member will have access to special services and benefits at reduced rates compared to the general public or exclusively just for members.

We are not a replacement for any formal national hunting association in South Africa, accredited by SAPS to issue Dedicated Hunter/Sportsman status, as we offer different services within a completely different structure. We should not be considered competition for them but rather to complement them in that we stimulate and grow hunters of which many will eventually find a home at one of the many formal hunting associations. One example is for instance firearms ownership - to own more than four firearms, the owner will be required to join an accredited hunting association offering the owner dedicated hunter/sportsman status in order to own more than four firearms as regulated by the Firearms Control Act of 2000.

All above said, THC welcomes all existing members of all hunting associations to join this new exciting “home of hunting” and enjoy the benefits and privileges.

THE HUNTING CORPORATION – We are in the business of building hunters for the industry.


Adriaan Woudstra

After retiring from the Foreign Service as the State Protocol Director of International Conferences, Adriaan arranged a few large international events for the state as a businessman. He eventually moved into organizing exhibitions and teamed up with the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association to start HuntEx in 2011. Since then he has been at the helm of the organization which facilitates the annual HuntEx in South Africa. Over the years HuntEx has become the largest hunting, shooting and accessories exposition in the Southern Hemisphere.  Adriaan has a passion for growing the hunting industry with his focus on introducing hunting to parts of our society previously excluded from hunting due to lack of exposure, tradition or resources. He is an avid hunter and sport shooter. Hand loads his own ammunition, skins and processes the animals he has hunted and makes his own biltong and table meat.

Photo of Adriaan Woudstra
Photo of Neels Geldenhuys
Neels Geldenhuys

Originally educated in finance he ventured into the formal hunting industry in the early 2000's. Qualified as a professional hunter and became the general manager of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (2002 -2005). With established hunting magazines both locally and internationally already servicing the industry, he ventured into publishing which lead to the birth of the international hunting magazine African Outfitter (2005 - 2022). Neels had a passion for hunting and the outdoors from a very young age, taught everything he needed to know about gun safety, rifles and shooting by his dad - honed his hunting skills on birds and hares as a young boy but only started hunting antelope as a young man years later. He always had a passion for introducing kids and adults to the hunting lifestyle on an informal basis, to light the small fire within them to venture into the world of hunting seeking for more formal knowledge. 

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