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Paid membership to launch early 2024!

Take up our free membership to keep up to date on the launch of our paid membership options in the first quarter of 2024.
Also join our own private social group THC Conservationists and post all about your latest outdoor activity, hunting experience or share your view on hunting.

Our Services


Exclusive Membership Benefits

 Bi-monthly digital copy of the African Outfitter hunting magazine, member's welcome pack, discounts at related service suppliers, gunshops, shooting ranges etc. All this for less than a hamburger a month!


Introduction To Hunting

You will be invited to a free informative evening in your area where we will explain and demonstrate the concept of hunting to you, answer all your questions and spark the fire and desire to start hunting - a journey you will never regret. Next on your tick list will be booking one of our popular Introduction to Hunting weekends. From there onwards, the sky is your limit, hunting and shooting will become part of life. 


Hunts, Shoots, Trips & Tours

Book and join any of our special designed hunting and shooting trips, exclusive tours to international rifle, optic and ammunition manufacturers. Become a distinguished member of our THC SADC McNab circuit - a first for Africa with our own set of rules.  For the salted hunter we will have access to end-of-season quotas on big-game from reputable hunting outfitters across Africa. We might even consider organized international hunts to areas that will blow your mind.  

Popular Membership Options

Young Conservationist

Ideal for our young kids showing an interest in hunting, the single parent wishing to introduce their child to hunting for the first time. Parents, you know you want him/her to experience hunting but do not know where to start. This option is for him/her.

Tip: Parents, for less than a hamburger a month - get "Oupa" to pay!

R 85 pm

New Conservationist

You have considered hunting in the past, but didn't know where to start. You have received invites in the past, but declined it with an excuse. Looking for a new adventure to enrich your life? Always wanted to eat what you have harvested yourself. So, now you have the Harley, what next for you and your friends? Come on, this options is for you.

R 100 pm

Salted Conservationist

You are a hunter, you love it, you and your friends make annual trips to the bush. You love eating "biltong & droëwors" you hunted yourself. Looking to get more involved hunting, doing more exciting excursions and become part of an exciting growing community of hunters. For less than a burger a month you also contribute to our conservation efforts.

R 100 pm

Membership Benefits

Just hang with me for a while...they a are still busy negotiating amazing benefits and deals just for you!

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